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We'll Build Your Satellites.
And Launch Them, Too.

We’re making space more accessible by lowering costs through mass manufacturing, which will also drive new markets built around space-based data.

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Dedicated Launch

Our Daytona launch vehicles are the most cost-effective way to get your assets on a dedicated flight into orbit. Just name the time and place.

Satellite Design & Manufacturing

Our engineering team brings decades of experience in designing, manufacturing, and operating small satellites — from single CubeSats to constellations of ESPA-class spacecraft.

Daytona I, II, & III Launch Vehicles

The Most Cost-Effective Small-Payload Rocket Family in History

Meet our Daytona Launch Vehicles

Daytona is a mass manufactured expendable two-stage rocket designed and manufactured by Phantom Space, capable of reliable transport of satellites and other space cargo into Earth orbit. Daytona is being developed with a block upgrade approach to build upon mature technology for increasingly capable launch vehicles.  Mass manufacturing techniques allow Daytona to be the most efficient and cost-effective small payload rocket in the world.

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Why Phantom

Launch supply is scarce with rapidly growing demand. Satelitte Technology has Large IP & Knowhow Barriers to entry. Additionally, Space Applications are extremely CAPEX & Time Intensive. Phantom Space brings the solution to your Launch and Delivery needs today.

The Phantom Solution


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Data Constellations

We Are Different

3 Phase Go-To-Market Strategy


Vertical Market Integration


Highly Experienced Team


High Capital


Low Cost


Build & Launch Customer Satellite Constallations


Build & Launch Phantom Cloud Constellations


Our Team Has Been Building Successful Satellite Programs for Decades

Bringing decades of experience to your satellites

The Phantom team has a proven track record of successful satellite programs, spacecraft design, and launch missions. We have the capability to help companies design, build, and integrate spacecraft — from single, small spacecraft to full constellations. By building, integrating, and launching both spaceraft and satellites, we’re able drastically lower the barrier to orbit.

Phantom Space Corporation

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Phantom's Mission:

To Revolutionize Space Commerce

Phantom Space Corporation was founded to revolutionize the way we transport satellites and other assets into space, through space, and ultimately back to Earth.

Our complementary offering of launch, propulsion, and satellite solutions enables a widening demographic to access space, space technology, and space data.

Our focused team of engineers, scientists, technicians, and managers began with a clean slate to design a space transportation system based on today’s requirements and supply chain realities. Phantom Space Corporation is a 100% US Controlled and Operated enterprise, and we adhere to strict DoD and NASA guidelines for supply chain sourcing.